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Welcome to our Website. Here in Gibraltar, we are a small community, in existence from the mid 18th century.

We are known as a vibrant, hospitable and dedicated Orthodox Jewish community and have often been referred to as a small community with a big heart.

Mr. Haim Levy QC, President

It is particularly because our community is small that every person counts. We laugh together and, at times, cry together.

Our community is run by the Managing Board of the Jewish Community. The Board is involved in all aspects of lay and religious communal life. Religious issues are the province of our esteemed Communal Rabbi, Rabbi Roni Hassid, who has served and led us for the last 25 years.

We offer many opportunities to our members to actively involve themselves in maintaining and developing the quality of Jewish religious, social, educational and cultural life.  Our community has support networks to cater for our members from cradle to grave, which enable our people to enrich their lives.

We are also extremely proud of the ‘Jewels in our Crown’, these being our Government Hebrew Primary School, Gibraltar Boys (Secondary) School, Gibraltar Girls Secondary School, and our Kolel  (Institute of Advanced Talmudical studies). The Government of Gibraltar also provides for us and funds a Kosher Home for aged and frail people. There are no less than four synagogues, in town, all within walking distance of each other, and three daily morning minyanim (services) and afternoon and evening services. There is a fifth synagogue where Sabbath full morning services are run by our children.

In addition to this, there are three Kosher restaurants/eateries (one meaty, and two dairy), one Kosher baker, and three delis. Not bad for a community of about 700 souls! Further details of all this appears in the relevant pages in this web site.

Our relations with other faiths are exemplary and a constantly remarked on fact not only by local residents, but also by visitors from abroad.

There will be a warm welcome for YOU in Gibraltar. Rest assured that we are actively striving to attract more Jewish brothers and sisters to join us and to settle here. Could this be YOU and your family and friends? Come on, give us a try - we will welcome you with open arms. As you can see, we are a small community but match many larger communities in structure, co-ordination and vibrancy.

For further information, dip into other parts of this Website or contact our Administrative Secretary Mrs Susan Levy at or telephone (+350) 200 72606. We look forward to hearing from you soon.