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Gibraltar can be reached by air, land and sea. The Rock is joined to the Spanish mainland by an isthmus. Travel by land through and from Spain is therefore possible.

By Land. By Land. The only land entry to Gibraltar is through/from Spain. The nearest Spanish city to Gibraltar is called La Linea. There is an excellent toll motorway from Malaga to the outskirts of La Linea. The average travelling time by car is 90 minutes. Taxis are available from Malaga airport to Gibraltar and the fare is around £100 per car but enquire first.

A Gibraltar Jewish community member does have a six-seater and regularly does trips from Gibraltar to Malaga airport and collects passengers from Malaga airport and drives them to Gibraltar. The same can be done for people arriving in/travelling to Tarifa or Jerez (both in Spain).

Travel is also possible by bus/coach and train within Spain to Spanish cities neighbouring Gibraltar (e.g. Algeciras, La Linea). It is also possible to travel by train from London-Paris-Madrid-Algeciras, etc. Typically, this trip can take 2 or 3 days, depending on your choice of travel times.

By Sea.  Apart from those travelling on cruises, there are currently no big ships specifically travelling to Gibraltar by sea. However, travel is possible by sea by ferry from the port of Algeciras, a city across the Bay of Gibraltar. Travel from Spanish ports to other places is also possible, e.g. Algeciras-Ceuta – 35 minutes crossing (Ceuta is in the north of Morocco and is under Spanish rule); Algeciras-Tangier -  70 minutes (Tangier is under Moroccan rule), Tarifa (in Spain) to Tangier – 35 minutes. Travel from Gibraltar to Tangier - 80 minutes, is also possible by sea.

For further details, you can contact

By Air.  Currently, there are flights from the UK, i.e. Luton, Heathrow & Gatwick, to Gibraltar. There are also flights from the UK to Malaga.

It appears that flights may become available from Barcelona and Madrid to Gibraltar but this has not been confirmed as yet. You are advised to check availability as such services are sometimes cancelled in advance.

Passports & Visas.  You will need a passport to enter Gibraltar unless you are an EU citizen with a valid national identity card.

Citizens from many countries are required to obtain a visa before entering Gibraltar. To find out whether or not you need a visa, you can ring +350 20051726 - email: for precise information regarding citizens from your country.

Tourist and business visas typically cost 28 pounds and take 20 working days to expedite. To obtain a visa you must fill out an application and show your passport, proof of hotel reservation and return ticket. A visa to enter the UK does not necessarily qualify you to enter Gibraltar.



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